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Making nature-based carbon removal a viable net zero solution

Introducing carbon shares, a new way of enabling trustworthy nature-based carbon removal.

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What we tackle

The market lacks trust

Nature-based carbon removal faces considerable challenges - there is a lack of transparency combined with high risks. This dampens demand and limits the amount of funding available for new projects.

Measurability & trustworthiness

Often, CO2 capture in investable forests is not monitored. This represents a risk for your net zero claims.

Costs & risks

Most climate projects primarily imply costs and risks for companies and investors without offering a measurable return.

Lack of funding

For developers, early access to capital is critical for enabling high quality projects. In many cases, their financing needs cannot be met.

Our new approach

A safe and transparent way to claim carbon removals

Our carbon shares represent a claim on a project’s underlying carbon sequestration capacity. As CO2 is removed from the atmosphere and stored, the value of each share grows.
Reflect nature

Shares develop with each ton of carbon sequestered. This reflects natural processes.

Generate value

Carbon shares grow in value along with the sequestration capacity of the underlying project, whilst you benefit from a carbon credit dividend.

Achieve trust

We digitally monitor the sequestration capacity of the project to ensure transparent asset management.

Our vision

Making forests investable

Our vision is to make nature-based removals a trustworthy and investable climate solution to protect the planet for future generations. We do this by developing a new asset class – starting with an innovative carbon finance product.
Phase 1.
Shares with a carbon credit dividend
You acquire shares of a project whose CO2 value grows over time with the amount of carbon sequestered. To reflect this growth, your shares emit a dividend stream of carbon credits.
Phase 2.
From 2024
Shares with a carbon or cash dividend
Your shares offer the opportunity to receive the dividend as a cash payout in case you want to hold the shares but don’t need the credits. We enable this by selling your credits at VCM rates.
Phase 3.
From 2025
Shares as a financial investment
Our shares allow nature-based removal projects to be listed on an exchange. This gives nature access to capital markets whilst simultaneously creating an attractive financial product.
Profit from share growth

With your shares you participate in the positive value development of nature-based climate projects.

Own an intangible asset

With carbon shares you have an intangible asset on your balance sheet, which you can sell at any time.

Avoid greenwashing risk

Thanks to our public transaction registry and live data you avoid double counting and greenwashing.

Proof of concept

Invest in our first project in Columbia

Our first carbon shares are based on a reforestation project on the edge of Tuparro National Park. The first approximately 2,700 shares can be purchased immediately. We are developing this project together with our partner BaumInvest AG.

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1 Carbon Share
Tuparro National Park Enlargement
1 carbon share
Tuparro National Park Enlargement

Rethinking the world of carbon

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A win-win-situation for
your company and our planet

Whether you are a project developer looking for a new form of financing or a buyer interested in making a climate contribution, our carbon shares provide a credible instrument for enabling climate action. Curious to find out more? We're here to help.

Impact Labs GmbH certifies nature-based climate projects with the aim of dividing the CO2 storage potential resulting from the projects into shares for the purpose of contributing in long-term removal and sequestration of CO2 (so-called carbon shares). In conducting its services, Impact Labs GmbH does not offer or create an investment product within the meaning of Art. 4 Abs. 1 Nr. 15 of the Directive 2014/65/EU or pursuant to Sec. 2 para. 11 of the German Banking Act (KWG) or Sec. 2 para. 5 German Investment Firm Act (WpIG) and (therefore) does not provide any banking business or financial service in accordance to Sec. 1 para. 1, 1a of the German Banking Act (KWG), investment service pursuant to Sec. 2 para. 1 German Investment Firm Act (WpIG). Impact Labs GmbH also does not provide a payment service pursuant to Sec. 1 para. 1 of the German Payment Services Oversight Act (ZAG). Hence, Impact Labs GmbH does not require the respective licenses to be granted by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and is therefore not licensed or supervised by this authority.