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The world’s first rating on ecosystem resilience to reverse biodiversity loss

recarb is a science-based rating and monitoring system for the success factors of restoration projects in tropical forests.

Our product

A rating system to make investments in nature-based solutions reliable and easy
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A rating system to make investments in nature based solutions reliable and easy

What we tackle

Lack of trust and knowledge about operational risks.

Climate projects often do not restore nature but just create plantations for short-term carbon storage which cause further harm to ecosystems.

Investors do not posses the technical knowledge to understand the risks of different restoration projects across multiple geographies, whilst current standards do not consider ecosystem resilience.

Systemic Risks

The destruction of nature and the overstepping of planetary boundaries is destroying economic resources.

Regulatory Risks

Governments are defining strict rules for companies to act upon reversing biodiversity loss.

Reputation risks

Companies that destroy forests and biodiversity will not survive on the market in the long term.

“Majority of offset projects that have sold the most carbon credits are ‘likely junk’, according to analysis by Corporate Accountability and the Guardian”
- The Guardian

recarb follows scientific organisations and standards

Our approach

A Due Diligence focused on operational risks for tropical forest restoration.

recarb's rating system makes the performance of tropical forest restoration visible, enabling investors to select high-quality projects with science-based impact, credible carbon claims and long-term resilience.

Our due diligence is risk-based, which means projects are evaluated according to the likelihood of success for the chosen forest restoration strategy.

A rating of results against baselines, additionality, permanence, data sources and leakage, etc.


A rating which captures how well the project fulfils criteria for IPLC and stakeholder engagement.


A rating of the trustworthiness of the project developer, e.g. regarding financial stability, reputation, etc.


A rating which incorporates an analysis of the project's regional political context and specific risks to its success.


A rating which indicates whether the technical provisions of the restoration are appropriate relative to scientific standards.


Rating for the results against the baselines, additionality, permanence, data sources and leakage, etc.


Rating for the criteria that represent how the project 
fulfils the criteria for IPLC and stakeholder engagement.


Rating for the trustworthiness of project developers, e.g. regarding  financial stability, reputation, etc.


Rating for the analysis of the regional political context 
of the projects and specific risks to its success.


Rating against scientific standards we ensure the technical provision of the restoration is appropriate

recarb follows scientific organisations and standards

Gold Standard

Your benefits with a science-based due diligence

Identifying the right project for your investment is difficult and carries potential risks. Set aside any presumptions and base your decision on scientific facts compiled by nature and climate experts.

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Safeguard your value chain

Restoring forests and biodiversity ensures access to natural resources.

Avoid reputation damage

by accessing rated and monitored forest restoration projects.

Secure your company value

by investing in restoration to secure long-term access to capital markets.

Make safe and verified investment decisions

Secure access to financially attractive and verified investments in nature and biodiversity in the pre-issuance phase.