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Fund your carbon removal project

We help finance your nature-based carbon removal project through our carbon shares concept.

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First step

Submit your area online and get an initial free assessment

Use our free eligibility check to confirm that your nature-based carbon removal project is eligible for funding.

General project assessment

Upload your shapefile and submit general information about the project to get a free eligibility assessment.

Land use & stakeholders

We evaluate the stakeholder information and land use rights connected to your project to ensure it meets our standards.

Area analytics

Using data on historical land use, forest types, plantation design etc. we perform a more involved analysis of your area.

Get started
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Our funding flow

How can I fund my project?

1. Apply with your area

Answer a few simple questions about your project area in order to confirm that you are eligible for issuing carbon shares.

Apply your project area now

2. Detailed Assessment

Based on the information you provide, our team analyses your area and calculates the potential for selling carbon shares.

3. Project IPO

Once the assessment is complete we prepare the IPO. This allows you to start selling carbon shares before any carbon has been sequestered.

What we tackle

Financing nature-based removal projects by issuing carbon shares

One of the biggest challenges faced by nature-based carbon sequestration projects is securing funding. We solve this by issuing so-called carbon shares which enable early-stage financing for high quality projects. At the same time, buyers receive a future dividend in the form of carbon credits or cash.

No high upfront cost

Create your recarb account and start a free online eligibility check for your project area

Early financing

Cover your upfront investments by selling shares  before the plantation starts

No confusing fee models

You pay a single flat fee for the IPO, plus a subscription for ongoing monitoring

Digital & fast

Our online check is digital, fast and easy to understand

No middlemen

You work directly with us and get full transparency about the share sale process.


No confusing models and it’s all open and transparent for you and the buyers

We would love to hear from you

Curious to find out how your climate project can benefit from a carbon shares IPO? Arrange a meeting with our team and we will answer any questions you might have.

Get in touch

Frequently asked questions

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