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What we tackle

Conventional certification can be exhausting

With conventional standards, certifying a project can take several months. This is time-consuming, bounds capacities, wastes tons of paper and also costs you a lot of money.

Adding up to that, you're not able to use all of your land to issue carbon credits, and you'll have to wait a few months before you can earn money with credits.

Time wasting

Certification can take several months. This slows down the entire process

Capacity binding

Too many people are working on certification for a too long period of time


Duration and capacities then lead towards very high  expenses for certification

Our approach

What if we simplify and digitise this process?

Get started for free

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100% digital & fast

Our certification process is entirely digital, fast and easy to understand

Early financing

Cover your upfront investments by selling shares even before the plantation phase

No confusing fee models

You only pay one single flat fee for our certification

No buffer

Carbon Shares allow 100% of your eligible planting area, without any buffer

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Our online certification flow

How does our project certification work?

1. Apply with your area

Apply for certification, by submitting your project area and answer a handful of basic questions about your land.

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2. Certify your project

As soon as we verified your application, you can start to enter all required data in our online platform for project developers. Easy, fast and 100% digital.

3. Project IPO

After the certification, you can already start to sell you Carbon Shares - even before the project has sequestered a single ton of carbon.

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