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Invest in the worlds first carbon share asset class

Profit from an investment in nature-based carbon removal projects in a new way. The more carbon a project stores, the higher the value of your investment can grow.

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The problem

The limitations of
carbon credits

The impact of many credits on our climate is unclear and due to a lack of transparency, credits have a high greenwashing potential. One credit is always worth one ton of CO2e, regardless of how much CO2 is captured and stored in biomass. Credits don’t represent the dynamic value development of nature-based assets.

High greenwashing risk

Inaccurate measurement of stored carbon and mostly unmonitored project sites.

Costs and risks

Credits have a high risk of defaulting and no financial counter-value.

Limited emission storage

Credits have an expiry date, because the underlying project doesn‘t store emissions forever.

Our approach

A dynamic asset with a return-on-invest

To help you get verifiably to net zero, we created a new dynamic asset class, called carbon shares. By buying a share, you invest in a carbon sequestration capacity. The sequestered carbon can be used to compensate for your emissions. You can also profit from a regular ROI over a medium-term investment period.

Reach net zero verifiably

Invest in measurable carbon removal instead of reduction or avoidance credits.

Invest into a growing market

Carbon markets are growing rapidly. We provide you with an asset to participate.

Profit from share growth

Participate in the growing amount of carbon stored.

Sequestration model of our pilot-project in Columbia

Price increased by 274,32% within one year.

How it works

The mechanism behind carbon shares

1. Acquire project shares

Invest in a sequestration capacity. Over time, this capacity grows and with it the actual CO2 storage.

2. Frequent project monitoring

Using digital measurement technologies like drone and satellite data, we measure and monitor the amount of CO2 stored.

3. Share value grows with CO2e storage

The combination of rising carbon value reflected by a share plus higher market prices for CO2 makes for an attractive investment.

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Frequently asked questions

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